Posting once a week for 2011

…and cutting down on carbs. Let’s see if I can do it.

Now, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. In fact, when asked if I have one, I usually scoff and say, “Yeah right. Like the first day of the year is better than any other day of the year to make a promise to yourself. They get broken within a week.” Well, I never even make those promises to myself during the year, so I figured I should just zip it and try.

My boyfriend came back from LA this Christmas to cautiously inform me that he made a New Year’s resolution: to cut carbs out of his diet almost completely.

He was right to be cautious. I almost hit the roof!

“That is so unhealthy! And I just spent $75 on groceries consisting mainly of carbs!” He felt bad and told me he wouldn’t subject himself to the diet on nights where we go out or it’s some sort of event, but for our every day lives we must now learn to whittle our already decently low-carb lifestyle down to 100-150g per day. Which is nuts. So I said I would eat supportively but I won’t risk my sanity or appetite for his.

The coming weekly recipes will feature some low-carb options, but still stay true to my buttery, carb-y, sugary needs. We mostly just fell into a rut of eating lots of junk during November and December and want to get back onto the path we once were: healthy, cheap food. Food that sustains us and food that challenges us to create.

So here’s to my first, un-ironic New Year’s resolution. A post a week, and no whining about carbs.

It's like us: he's a ginger, I'm a brunette, and we seem to only eat tiny meats now.

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One response to “Posting once a week for 2011

  1. Nancy

    I will never give up bread. EVER.

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