Faubourg Café

Please can I have?

It’s starting to look completely gorgeous outside every day, making it next to impossible to stay inside and cook! One of my favourite weekend treats is to take a long walk through Kerrisdale, an adorable neighbourhood in Vancouver. Little bakeries, restaurants and shops line both sides of a long tree-lined street, marked by sunshine, hurried errand-runners and leisurely strollers.

Right smack in the middle of all this is Faubourg, a (relatively) new Parisian bistro/café. It’s quaint and like few other cafés in the city.

In fact, it’s as close to European quality coffee that I have found here apart from 49th Parallel. Though I have not tried their pastries yet, I can’t deny how utterly amazing they look. It almost seems criminal to take one apart and eat it. Not like that would stop me. Faubourg serves High Tea and gourmet meals in the bistro, or patrons can opt to have a coffee and snack in the café area at tables adorned with Paris city maps on the tabletops.

A titch blurry from camera phone, but check these out!

Gorgeous fresh baked bread.

The vanilla latte, my favourite, is creamy, thick and has perfect caramel notes to the espresso. Each drink is handmade on a manual bar–which is essential–and best of all, some of the staff have French accents (!). I mean music-to-my-ears French! I knew this place had to be the real deal. Everything is authentically Parisian and it takes no time at all to find proof.

Perfect foam; stirstick stands upright immediately after serving.

So if you are lucky enough to live in Vancouver or are simply visiting, take some time to spend a morning or afternoon in Kerrisdale and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee or delicious bistro fare at Faubourg.


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