New look and URL!

Hey everyone! This is just a quick note to say I’ve been tinkering around with my blog in an effort to liven it up. Let me know what you think via comment, email or carrier pigeon, it makes no difference, I’d just like to know what you think!

  1. Is it easy to read?
  2. Is it easy to navigate?
  3. Does it make you hungry?** This is important.

And please note that the URL has changed to:

The layout and fonts might change in the coming days until I work out some of the design kinks, so please don’t worry if it looks like YH&L is having a personality disorder.


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4 responses to “New look and URL!

  1. Excellent post today! I really enjoyed it. I enjoy making great food for my family and friends when they come over for entertainment. Food can also be entertaining in itself. Thanks again for sharing this.

    A Delicious Coffee Roll Recipe

  2. Hi! I stopped by to visit. So, here’s feedback on your new look.
    Yes, it’s easy to read.
    Yes, it’s easy to navigate.
    And about feeling hungry? With photos like these, I don’t stand a chance. Yes. Hungry.
    One note; when I move around to other spots (e.g. Home, About, Links) the font fades and it is difficult to read. It may be my computer only, but it has happened the 2 times I visited. A reclick seems to clear it up. Okay! Bye and nice work.

    • Mario,
      I noticed the same thing re: fonts fading. I think the weight of the font is too light so I will try either changing the background colour or changing the font.
      Thanks again for the feedback! It’s really helpful.

  3. Hi Patricia! Okay, the font issue looks corrected. I bounced about three or four times and the font “readability” held. And by the way, very cute pic.

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