Here are some of my favourite sites, and where I draw a lot of inspiration from. Let’s be honest: most of these sites are the kick in the pants I need in order to make any of this food! Some great recipes, both adapted and original. Deb makes you feel like she’s your real life friend until you realize that you are having a one-way conversation with your computer. Food 911. A lifesaver. A guardian angel. However you want to describe it, Epicurious is always there to help you. Luckily for me, being Canadian means I am mixed up enough measurements-wise that grams mean nothing. My American counterparts may have to use cooking conversions, but it’s well worth it. THANK YOU, INTERNET. You know, it seems insane for me to include my provincial liquor store’s food magazine on here, but it is solely responsible for helping me understand wine pairings. There are also some fantastic recipes relevant to each of the four seasons. As you can tell, it’s a seasonal mag.

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