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Asparagus gruyere tart

Savoury and deceptively simple.

I can’t even handle how delicious this is! A great, super quick appetizer or side dish, any occasion is perfect for this savoury snack.

Martha Stewart (or her team) has knocked it out of the park again. There are few things in this life that taste so good, nor are they as simple as this: line after line of crisp, roasted asparagus imbedded into gooey gruyere, all atop buttery, flakey puff pastry. Try this immediately! Continue reading

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Spicy chicken skewers

Pretty amazing, I know.

There is something about the summer that makes people ravenous for barbecue. I don’t know if it’s the warm sunshine or the antsy feeling of being caged in during the winter months, but the idea of grilling anything turns me into the kind of crazy similar to those women who go crazy for sample sale wedding dresses.

So I decided to riff. It was my cousin’s baby shower this past weekend and I could think of only one thing to make: chicken skewers with an Asian/Mediterranean/Mexican twist. I had a foolproof trio of flavours in mind and an itch to get back in the food-making game. Continue reading

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Curried Chickpea Samosas

Honestly simple; deceptively complex.

Simple party crowd pleasers can be rather cumbersome to think up, let alone assemble. These last few months saw me shying away from throwing together my usual mix of homemade desserts, dips and dreadfully common appetizers, and jumping straight into a (seemingly complicated) familiar Indian snack: vegetable samosas.

The mere thought of making samosas from scratch used to make me tremble. Here is food that is integral to a cultural cuisine, specifically assembled and copycats are scrutinized. Needless to say, I didn’t tell anyone I was making these until I was sure they’d turn out.

So did they? Continue reading

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Olive and Mushroom Toast

These last few weeks have been, to put it gently, mental. Working overtime some days, without breaks most days, and sans decent meals every day, it would be an understatement to say I have been in a food rut.

I don’t want anymore homemade pizzas on store-bought shells; I don’t want to eat so much caesar salad until I, too, smell like Parmesan cheese; I don’t want to keep assembling my food out of  jars, bags and lethargy. So I riffed on bruschetta and made mushroom and olive toast!

Natural progression, I know. I thought so too. Continue reading


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