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Moist Chocolate Cake

Okay everyone, I have to say a couple of things up front:

  1. I am sorry for neglecting you. Two weeks ago I started taking a really intense editing class and have also been a wee bit under the weather. But I’m back, still impoverished and hungry, and going full steam ahead.
  2. You’re probably going to see a few more gluten-free posts in the future. I recently came into possession of Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood and it’s changed the way I think about what “healthy” is.

Now, I’m a person who likes vegetables and food that is generally good for me, but good luck getting me to consume grains of any kind unless they are baked into bread or muffins. Consider this Moist Chocolate Cake from Quinoa 365 one heck of a game changer. Continue reading


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