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Best cocoa brownies


Oops. Fell off the grid a bit. Truth be told, I have been contemplating a revamp of this blog into something greater. This will take some time, though, as my 8-year-old PowerBook can scarcely handle how infrequently I update here. No matter, as 2013 will bring me a shiny new computer and a shiny new blog. Stay tuned.

I now bring you something I never thought I would admit to liking: brownies. Normally I find them either boring or saccharine, but these are an exception. Courtesy of Bon Appetit‘s December issue—which is bursting with goodies—I decided to give a go-ahead to what they deem, “The best—and easiest—brownies you’ll ever make. This recipe belongs in your repertoire.” Turns out that statement is bang-on! These brownies are rich, not too sweet, and delightfully soft with a crispy crust on top. Add a hint of cinnamon or instant espresso, and they are over the top incredible. Continue reading

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