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Chicken Fajitas with Mango Salsa

Technicolor never tasted so good.

Since starting a Supportive Low-Carb Diet (as I call it), coming up with new and satisfying meals has been pretty difficult for me. Gone are the days of whimsically throwing together an impressive pasta meal or salad. Now I must learn to omit any bread, pasta, or grain from two out of three of the meals I make. Well, for the most part. When I start to get the carb grumps believe me, I reach for the nearest bag of chips. Last week I even drove to Safeway just to buy a cheese croissant. Continue reading

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Posting once a week for 2011

…and cutting down on carbs. Let’s see if I can do it.

Now, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. In fact, when asked if I have one, I usually scoff and say, “Yeah right. Like the first day of the year is better than any other day of the year to make a promise to yourself. They get broken within a week.” Well, I never even make those promises to myself during the year, so I figured I should just zip it and try. Continue reading

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