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Aloo Gobhi Stuffing

Comforting and complex flavours make this stuffing a hit.

Dressing, sides, stuffing—whatever you want to call it, this stuff isn’t meant for holiday dinners anymore!

Eating a bowl of stuffing might seem strange to some, but I like to think that those people just haven’t really lived. It’s the best part of every turkey dinner, and is always the first of the leftovers to disappear in my house.

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Curried Chickpea Samosas

Honestly simple; deceptively complex.

Simple party crowd pleasers can be rather cumbersome to think up, let alone assemble. These last few months saw me shying away from throwing together my usual mix of homemade desserts, dips and dreadfully common appetizers, and jumping straight into a (seemingly complicated) familiar Indian snack: vegetable samosas.

The mere thought of making samosas from scratch used to make me tremble. Here is food that is integral to a cultural cuisine, specifically assembled and copycats are scrutinized. Needless to say, I didn’t tell anyone I was making these until I was sure they’d turn out.

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Easy, Light Vegetable Curry

Curry in a hurry--for real.

Indian food is something I have only recently gotten into eating. Growing up in a virtually Portuguese-food-only environment, and shying away from strong spices as a young’un, robbed me of years of enjoying the food I have come to love.

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