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How to cook quinoa

In the weeks since posting a couple of recipes using quinoa, I have received a lot of requests on how to properly cook it.

Preparing this gluten-free superfood couldn’t be any more simple. You will learn how to cook quinoa effortlessly and in less than a few steps! Continue reading

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New look and URL!

Hey everyone! This is just a quick note to say I’ve been tinkering around with my blog in an effort to liven it up. Let me know what you think via comment, email or carrier pigeon, it makes no difference, I’d just like to know what you think!

  1. Is it easy to read?
  2. Is it easy to navigate?
  3. Does it make you hungry?** This is important.

And please note that the URL has changed to:


The layout and fonts might change in the coming days until I work out some of the design kinks, so please don’t worry if it looks like YH&L is having a personality disorder.


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Cranberry Orange Scones

Baked clouds of sweet citrus & tart cranberry.

It looks as though Spring is finally turning up by way of warm, dry afternoons and incredibly gorgeous, sunshine-filled weekends. When I think of the seasons getting warmer I instantly turn to citrus fruits: their colours, scents and flavours jolt the senses out of a wintery rut. Continue reading

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Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies

One could get lost in the cracks of this cookie. It is amazing.

Dear America’s Test Kitchen,

You now have the rights to my soul. Why? Because you have never failed me. Ever. And for that, I thank you and will continue to be faithful.

Patricia (and the slew of people who have benefitted from my ATK recipes).

Forget what you think you know about spiced cookies. These are going to rock your world.

Continue reading


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Curried Chickpea Samosas

Honestly simple; deceptively complex.

Simple party crowd pleasers can be rather cumbersome to think up, let alone assemble. These last few months saw me shying away from throwing together my usual mix of homemade desserts, dips and dreadfully common appetizers, and jumping straight into a (seemingly complicated) familiar Indian snack: vegetable samosas.

The mere thought of making samosas from scratch used to make me tremble. Here is food that is integral to a cultural cuisine, specifically assembled and copycats are scrutinized. Needless to say, I didn’t tell anyone I was making these until I was sure they’d turn out.

So did they? Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken with Smoked Paprika

Guess what? The low-carb diet my boyfriend and I were trying is essentially out the window. It was bound to happen, but we still made some seemingly permanent changes. Back to normal! And back to flavour. What better way to celebrate the special occasion of Diet-Quitting than to indulge in a “no-no” meal of carbs? Carrots and chickpeas: yes please.
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Posting once a week for 2011

…and cutting down on carbs. Let’s see if I can do it.

Now, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. In fact, when asked if I have one, I usually scoff and say, “Yeah right. Like the first day of the year is better than any other day of the year to make a promise to yourself. They get broken within a week.” Well, I never even make those promises to myself during the year, so I figured I should just zip it and try. Continue reading

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