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Cobb salad with grains

Man, oh, MAN, do I love this salad. Right here is another one of those crowd pleasers that disappears within minutes.

Now, I know it doesn’t look super great to some of you, but trust me when I say that the flavour is off the charts. Sweet shallots combine with spicy Dijon, honey, olive oil, and red wine vinegar to create a zesty, rich dressing that’s light enough not to dominate this (relatively) healthy salad. Continue reading


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Long Weekend Brunch

Smooth, fresh & packed with flavour.

Warm, cheesy & comforting.

For those of you living in Canada, this post might seem a little late; for those of you living in the U.S., this post is right on time. Whether the long weekend has just passed or is quickly approaching, there is no question food is going to be on the brain.

Hopefully during your long weekend the weather was or will be beautiful, as it was here in Vancouver. I find nothing more than some sunshine beaming into my kitchen will put me in the mood to whip up something new and special. Sounds like a cliché from some 1950s happy homemaker advertorial, doesn’t it? Continue reading


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Have you ever eaten a dish somewhere and became utterly consumed with duplicating it? Well that somewhere was Nuba, a Lebanese restaurant in downtown Vancouver, and that dish was tabbouleh. What I conjured up isn’t traditional tabbouleh (or tabouli), but for a beginner in Middle Eastern or Mediterranean cooking it will suffice.

Not that this recipe holds a candle to what I ate, but it’s a nice, refreshing substitute. Did I mention it was incredibly easy too? Continue reading


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Chicken Fajitas with Mango Salsa

Technicolor never tasted so good.

Since starting a Supportive Low-Carb Diet (as I call it), coming up with new and satisfying meals has been pretty difficult for me. Gone are the days of whimsically throwing together an impressive pasta meal or salad. Now I must learn to omit any bread, pasta, or grain from two out of three of the meals I make. Well, for the most part. When I start to get the carb grumps believe me, I reach for the nearest bag of chips. Last week I even drove to Safeway just to buy a cheese croissant. Continue reading

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