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Cobb salad with grains

Man, oh, MAN, do I love this salad. Right here is another one of those crowd pleasers that disappears within minutes.

Now, I know it doesn’t look super great to some of you, but trust me when I say that the flavour is off the charts. Sweet shallots combine with spicy Dijon, honey, olive oil, and red wine vinegar to create a zesty, rich dressing that’s light enough not to dominate this (relatively) healthy salad. Continue reading


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Quick and easy chicken soup

Like being a kid again. I know it looks like pasta, but I like less broth than the average gal!

First thing’s first: I am so sorry to have disappeared! I was offered some part-time work that I couldn’t pass up, so my days went from busy to so busy that I can’t remember October. I also miraculously had time to have a birthday last week, so I wasn’t about to cook for myself!

The only things that made me feel even slightly less run-down from 14-hour days were reruns of NBC Dateline and bowls of chicken noodle soup. There is something about homemade soup that fills you with warmth and comfort like nothing else can. And a bonus? Chicken soup is one of the easiest, fastest, and most rewarding meals you can whip up on these cold autumn and winter nights. Continue reading

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Lemony, Greek-style chicken

Can you handle this?

By now you will have undoubtedly noticed that I love two things: lemon and garlic. So it comes as no surprise that I have made them the stars of this delicious roasted chicken. With Mediterranean food on the brain, I wanted to make something that I could use multiple ways.

The bright, tart taste of lemon, zesty punch of garlic, and Greek herbs are a match made in heaven! Continue reading

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Spicy chicken skewers

Pretty amazing, I know.

There is something about the summer that makes people ravenous for barbecue. I don’t know if it’s the warm sunshine or the antsy feeling of being caged in during the winter months, but the idea of grilling anything turns me into the kind of crazy similar to those women who go crazy for sample sale wedding dresses.

So I decided to riff. It was my cousin’s baby shower this past weekend and I could think of only one thing to make: chicken skewers with an Asian/Mediterranean/Mexican twist. I had a foolproof trio of flavours in mind and an itch to get back in the food-making game. Continue reading

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Long Weekend Brunch

Smooth, fresh & packed with flavour.

Warm, cheesy & comforting.

For those of you living in Canada, this post might seem a little late; for those of you living in the U.S., this post is right on time. Whether the long weekend has just passed or is quickly approaching, there is no question food is going to be on the brain.

Hopefully during your long weekend the weather was or will be beautiful, as it was here in Vancouver. I find nothing more than some sunshine beaming into my kitchen will put me in the mood to whip up something new and special. Sounds like a cliché from some 1950s happy homemaker advertorial, doesn’t it? Continue reading


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Hearty Turkey Chili

Warm, hearty and astonishingly simple.

Have you noticed the crummy weather lately? Drizzly, cold, death for those of us with allergies–if none of this sounds familiar, I envy you and the paradise you evidently live in! For the past couple of weeks it has been difficult to think of something satisfying and healthy(-ish) to make after long work days spent trekking under downpours and overcast skies.

There are few better ways to feel warm and satisfied on a dreary weeknight than to cozy up with a bowl of chili, a glass of wine and a backlog of TV shows in the PVR queue. Continue reading

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How to cook quinoa

In the weeks since posting a couple of recipes using quinoa, I have received a lot of requests on how to properly cook it.

Preparing this gluten-free superfood couldn’t be any more simple. You will learn how to cook quinoa effortlessly and in less than a few steps! Continue reading

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