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Thick and chewy triple-chocolate cookies

The best things come in small (pretty) packages.

Behold! Probably the best cookie in the world.

At least, I think so. One could even make the argument that this tastes more like cake than it does a cookie–but why quibble over delicious little details?

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Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies

One could get lost in the cracks of this cookie. It is amazing.

Dear America’s Test Kitchen,

You now have the rights to my soul. Why? Because you have never failed me. Ever. And for that, I thank you and will continue to be faithful.

Patricia (and the slew of people who have benefitted from my ATK recipes).

Forget what you think you know about spiced cookies. These are going to rock your world.

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Bourbon pumpkin cheesecake

Ooh, how autumn is creeping in. What better time for some of the best cold-weather flavours in existence? Pumpkin, warm spices and bourbon! Look, some people consider bourbon an important part of warming up during the cold months.

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