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Pasta with meatballs

Row upon row of flavour bombs.

What a rollercoaster two months! My sister moved back from three years abroad, work returned to its dizzying pace and I shopped myself into a retail coma three times over.

That said, it’s high time I get back into the swing of things. I have been busy taking photos of everything I have been making and will do my best to update them here with more effort than I was able to put forth last year. Promise!

It has been snowing here in Vancouver, which is fairly unusual and very exciting, so I have been making a lot of cozy meals. This one for meatballs in a simple roasted tomato sauce is a new favourite. If you are looking for a good family friendly crowd-pleaser, I seriously recommend rallying the troops and getting busy in the kitchen. Make a mess! It’s only half the fun (besides eating), right? Continue reading

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Pasta with shrimp scampi

What a crazy week! Days filled with overtime and errands, gatherings and cleaning binges—by week’s end, I could scarcely find the energy to cook. But then I remembered my old standby: pasta with shrimp scampi.

You may want to keep this one up your sleeve for those nights when you are too exhausted and broke to make anything except boxed macaroni and cheese. Continue reading


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