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Memphis Blues Pulled Pork with spaghetti squash


Have you ever eaten so much meat that you feeling like you’re hallucinating? Some call it having “meat sweats” or a “meat high,” others know it simply as a food coma. Check all of the above, because you’re in for a long evening of lying down and blissfully patting your belly after this meal.

Memphis Blues Barbeque House is a special place for me, with two tiny locations tucked away in Vancouver, and several more across the Prairies. It’s as close to jaw-dropping-amazing Southern BBQ as most of us can get up here without hopping on a plane. Everything from their ribs and fries to pulled pork and cornbread are crazy delicious. Get ready, this is going to be a long one. Continue reading

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Pasta with meatballs

Row upon row of flavour bombs.

What a rollercoaster two months! My sister moved back from three years abroad, work returned to its dizzying pace and I shopped myself into a retail coma three times over.

That said, it’s high time I get back into the swing of things. I have been busy taking photos of everything I have been making and will do my best to update them here with more effort than I was able to put forth last year. Promise!

It has been snowing here in Vancouver, which is fairly unusual and very exciting, so I have been making a lot of cozy meals. This one for meatballs in a simple roasted tomato sauce is a new favourite. If you are looking for a good family friendly crowd-pleaser, I seriously recommend rallying the troops and getting busy in the kitchen. Make a mess! It’s only half the fun (besides eating), right? Continue reading

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