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Quick and easy chicken soup

Like being a kid again. I know it looks like pasta, but I like less broth than the average gal!

First thing’s first: I am so sorry to have disappeared! I was offered some part-time work that I couldn’t pass up, so my days went from busy┬áto so busy that I can’t remember October. I also miraculously had time to have a birthday last week, so I wasn’t about to cook for myself!

The only things that made me feel even slightly less run-down from 14-hour days were reruns of NBC Dateline and bowls of chicken noodle soup. There is something about homemade soup that fills you with warmth and comfort like nothing else can. And a bonus? Chicken soup is one of the easiest, fastest, and most rewarding meals you can whip up on these cold autumn and winter nights. Continue reading

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