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Aloo Gobhi Stuffing

Comforting and complex flavours make this stuffing a hit.

Dressing, sides, stuffing—whatever you want to call it, this stuff isn’t meant for holiday dinners anymore!

Eating a bowl of stuffing might seem strange to some, but I like to think that those people just haven’t really lived. It’s the best part of every turkey dinner, and is always the first of the leftovers to disappear in my house.

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Apple crisp

You know it’s coming: the endless waves of winter sweets. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or just plain ol’ holiday spirit, undoubtedly yields tons of delicious food. Heck, you’ve probably already been on the dessert wagon since Hallowe’en.

Well, I thought I would kick things off lightly with a simple apple crisp. Nothing too sweet or heavy, just homemade comfort food done in no time. Continue reading


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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lovely little discs of bliss.

Sometimes all you want out of a day is to curl up into a ball, watch some inane television, and eat a plate of warm, chewy chocolate chip cookies.

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Bourbon pumpkin cheesecake

Ooh, how autumn is creeping in. What better time for some of the best cold-weather flavours in existence? Pumpkin, warm spices and bourbon! Look, some people consider bourbon an important part of warming up during the cold months.

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Herb-roasted fall vegetables

Nice and toasty.

There are few things better than cozying up on the couch, putting a movie on, and eating a warm plate of roasted veg until you pass out in a food coma.

Since the weather began to change from warm to cool I’ve begun making more and more trips to my neighbourhood vegetable market. It seems I cannot be helped when there is:
a) the new seasonal crop, or b) food that looks unblemished and perfect.

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