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Le Pain Quotidien

There's drool on my keyboard. Great.

Word has it spring arrived a little more than a week ago, but I have yet to see any evidence of it. The cherry blossom trees are exploding with pink and white petals along the sidewalks, and the once crisp bite of winter wind has warmed to a balmy rain that seems to dampen the spirits as well as the pavement.

That said, I wanted a pick-me-up that reminded me patience was all I needed before the sun replaced the grey sky. Light fare is always the ticket when I’m feeling gloomy or bored with finding meal solutions, and the meals my sister and I shared at Le Pain Quotidien in Brussels last summer was beckoning for a redux. Continue reading


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Leon in London

Leon in Spitalfields, courtesy of pixelthing.

A few months ago, what seems like ages, I went to Europe to visit my sister. Prior to meeting up with her in London, I had a day to kill and decided to take a jaunt around St. Paul’s Cathedral on my way to the Tate Modern. In the 10 years I have been going to London, there has nary been a side of St. Paul’s that was not surrounded by scaffolding and construction. “I’ll be fine,” I thought. “I know my way around by now.” Cue the uprooted directional signs, downpour and gusty winds.

Then I quickly got lost. And hungry.

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