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Chocolate Zucchini bread

Have you seen a more perfect loaf?

Yep. Zucchini again. But this time with chocolate—and you can’t argue with that! After my August fritter mayhem, I ended up with a couple extra zucchini lying around. The answer? Riffing on boring, old zucchini bread by making it attractive, moist, and deceptively healthier than other recipes I have come across. Best of all, it’s as easy and budget-friendly as anyone could ask for.
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Zucchini-scallion fritters

Success! My first fritters.

Well now. Apparently the blogosphere has gone into a fritter frenzy—everywhere I look, I see them! Maybe there’s a zucchini surplus? I suppose I drank the Kool-Aid on this one too, thanks to the special summer issue of Everyday Food magazine by Martha Stewart.

In the past month I have made these fluffy, flavourful fritters three times. They are incredibly easy to conjure up and require next to nothing, ingredient-wise. Whether you make them for a snack or a side, I promise this one bowl wonder will ease you into comfort food bliss. Give ’em a whirl! You may find they quickly become a weeknight staple. Continue reading


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