Recipe Index


Olive and mushroom toast

Curried chickpea samosas

Spicy chicken skewers **low carb

Zucchini-scallion fritters

Asparagus gruyere tart


Chicken fajitas with mango salsa

Roasted chicken with smoked paprika

Hearty turkey chili

Long weekend brunch **low carb

Lemony, Greek-style chicken **low carb

Eggs Benedict

Pasta with shrimp scampi

Quick and easy chicken soup

Pasta with meatballs

Memphis Blues pulled pork with spaghetti squash **low carb

Cobb salad with grains


Herb-roasted vegetables

Easy, light vegetable curry


Hearty turkey chili (omit turkey)

Pasta with shrimp scampi (omit shrimp)

Aloo Gobhi stuffing

Sautéed spaghetti squash

Asparagus gruyere tart

Home fries


Bourbon pumpkin cheesecake

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

Honey cake

Chewy molasses spice cookies

Cranberry orange scones

Moist chocolate cake

Lemon yogurt cake

Strawberry-banana yogurt smoothie

Chocolate-zucchini bread

Apple crisp

Thick and chewy triple-chocolate cookies

Quick cinnamon buns with buttermilk icing

Chocolate cappuccino cheesecake

Apple pie muffins


Moist chocolate cake


Cooked quinoa

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